Editor’s Choice: Ebeam Interactive Whiteboard Device

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Product Summary: Ebeam Edge

The Good: Easy to set up (less than 10 mins) , Easy to use, Responsiveness, Portable, Retrofit current whiteboards, Sleek, Price.  Added value features like web sharing,  Flickr & Encyclopedia Britannica integration make this solution extremely powerful.

The Bad: Not well marketed and hard to find.

The Bottom Line: Best value in regards to overall features and price.   Read Full Review

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Product eBeam Edge Interactive Xi Bar ActivBoard
Company Luidia Mimio Promethean Smart Tech
Overall Ranking
Best Price $649.00 $729 $1795 $1999
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Made In
Ease of Installation
Ease of Use
Price $ $ $$$$ $$$$
Overall Value
Feature Set
Important Features
Portability yes yes no no
Retrofit yes yes no no
Active Area Size up to 120” up to 113″ 78″ 77″ check
Shipping Weight 1lb 1.8 lb 57 lb 44 lb
Technology sensor & stylus sensor & stylus proprietary surface proprietary surface
Shipping Cost** Ebeam Edge for Education Free 2-day Shipping $9.95 $200 N/A
Special Surface Required no (virtually any surface) no (virtually any surface) proprietary proprietary
Input stylus stylus stylus stylus/finger
Free Online Meetings yes no no no
PC, Mac & Linux yes yes yes yes
Warranty 7 Years 2 Years 3 Years** 2 Years **
Dry Erase Friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time to Install** 10 mins 10 mins 2+ hours 2+ hours


  • Shipping Costs** – results are
    estimated and may vary depending on your location.

  • Warranty Smartboard 680** –
    standard warranty is 2 years with an additional 3 years available upon

  • Warranty Promethean 378** –
    standard warranty is 3 years. 5 years with purchase of Promethean
    Certified Installation.

  • Time to Install ** – Smartboard 680
    & Promethean 300 assembly of board is required. Wall mount may also be
    required with substantial extra time investment.